Femur is me, Luke Phillips.
I like making musical things that anyone can play.

Theremin is a free online synth instrument that makes an array of different sounds. Play it by dragging the cursor or use multiple fingers to fiddle with waveforms, and experiment with the delay, feedback and scuzz sliders.

In the new app version (available for iPhone / iPad and Desktop), you can make layers, record, loop and download creations. The app allows use offline to play live at shows, in the studio or anywhere.

BlokDust (coming soon) is a free to use and open source, sound music app for anyone with access to the internet. Users can make synths, loops, effects and self-playing environments. The app has a stripped-down graphic interface, based around simple drag and drop connections and users can share their original creations online. BlokDust was made in collaboration with my friends, Luke Twyman from WhiteVinyl and Ed Silverton.


I'm making more videos of my work.
Go to my Youtube to see my apps in use.